Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant

Implant dentistry

Dental Implant Is A Unique Way To Replace Your Teeth. Because It Is More Close To Your Natural Teeth Replacement Of Tooth Thus It Allows All The People With Missing Teeth/Tooth A Healthy Comfortable Life. Implant Gives A Proper Chewing Efficiency And Most Pleasing Cosmetic Or Aesthetic Outcome They Deserve. Its A Artificial Root Replacement For A Missing Natural Tooth Or Missing All Teeth In The Mouth.

Dental Implant

Single teeth missing is a very common problems faced by patients. A single implant and crown procedure gives patient the confident chewing efficiency and better looks for life. Likewise it helps multiple teeth missing patients too, by giving the confidence of having all kind of foods efficiently and confidently. this all adds a boost to self confidence and better health.
Dental Implants
All on 4 or all on 6

All On 4 Or All On 6

A treatment modality for patients with all teeth missing. All on 4 or all on 6 gives patient a better looking teeth. Also it gives patient a full chewing efficiency. This is a life transformation for our patient as they get rid of their loose uncomfortable dentures and live healthy and more happy.

Sinus Lift Procedures

A Delayed Tooth Replacement Causes The Bone Resorption. Because Its A Body Phenomenon Of Non Needful Tissue Resorption. Also Close Approximation Of The Maxillary Teeth To Maxillary Sinus Also Need A Extra Procedure As A Normal Healthy Bone Is Not Present To Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implant.This Procedure Is Known As Sinus Lift Or Sinus Grafting Or Sinus Augmentation.
sinus lift procedures

At CDiC, Dr Swapnil B. Patil combines experience and skill to assist in transforming your smile. Benefit from our range of services provided in a modern, beautiful and comfortable facility. From checkups to smile transformations, we can help you.

Our convenient location is easily accessible from the community areas from Pune Wakad, Hinjewadi, Pimple Saudagar, Pimple Nilakh, Chinchvad, Kalewadi, Aundh, Balewadi, Baner, & is conveniently located to visit from Mumbai international airport & Pune international airport. Plenty of parking is available around our practice including within 100 metres.

Self Assessment For Dental Implant Requirement:

For any of above questions, at least two answers are yes, then you need to know that you are the ideal candidate for dental implant. Now how to go further simple.  There are various ways to plan dental implants procedure. Usually at Cosmetic Dental Implant in Wakad.

Its a case specific decisions we take at the end of detailed implant consultation, radiographs, CBCT, a pre-prosthetic phase of mock up or temporary prosthesis, digital analysis if needed,or a planned dental extraction.

At CDiC Pune Dental Implant are offered considering the cost and value benefit. We provide many basic options and range of variety of services:
Standard Implant Services:

A classic dental implant procedure involves, a thorough planning and execution. Standard services rendered at CDiC dental implant center in wakad pune is

  • Dental Implant.
  • Stock/ regular titanium abutment.
  • PFM crown or prosthesis for a single or PFM bridge for multiple teeth replacement.
  • Analog mock up for in house or lab-fabricated temporary immediate crown on need basis.

As a standard care for multiple teeth or a full mouth replacement we follow; minimum possible implant numbers. Tooth prosthesis is planned with various available materials like Co-Cr / Titanium/Acrylic reinforced/ PMMA prosthesis.

Economical implant services:

Even though dental implants may be in the long term the most affordable solution vs alternative bridge or denture treatments. also implant’s initial cost may be difficult to fit in everyone’s family budget. The problem is bigger for patients who have to pay for the full cost on their own. Economical dental implants might hide some risks regarding the quality of service or materials, but that does not mean that there are no safer ways to get affordable dental implants.

Low income patients may have two more available options at CDiC dental implant center wakad pune:

  • We at CDiC may offer treatment for reduced rates or fees to patients as part of the student’s training under our faculty staff supervision.
  • CDiC may sometimes have special programs where we offer significant discounts to low income patients, senior citizens that need dental implants to restore severe functional problems and regain the ability to eat properly.
Premium Implant Services:

Premium Dental implant services horizon have a variety of more superior quality delivering services. These are need based and at times mandatory in terms of giving desired results with involving DIGITAL DENTISTRY.  Premium additional services add premium quality to the standard implant outcome. Also they help us and the patients in terms of the ease of implant planning, implant surgery execution, more good-looking outcomes.

These add-ons to standard dental implant procedures are many. To name a few here we provide :

  • Use of Intra-oral Scans.
  • Digital Implant planning and digital mock up
  • Placement of implant using Surgical Guide commonly known as Digitally Assisted implant Surgery.
  • Digitally Designed Immediate implant Restorations.
  • Digital Impressions for final implants.
  • Customized zirconia/titanium/ Co-Cr milled abutments.
  • CAD-CAM crowns / bars / prosthesis over implants.
  • Final implant crowns with intra-oral scan and CAD-CAM crowns

Common Queries About Dental Implants Answered