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What is aligners?

Gaps between one or many teeth can make your smile unattractive. Closing such gaps using aligners resolves your aesthetic concerns.
Overlapping of teeth due to insufficient space results in crowding/crooked appearing teeth. Illusion aligners exert gradual forces to eventually straighten them thus improving your smile.
When the upper and lower teeth do not meet while biting, it leaves a gap between them. Aligners can help correct this gap and improve your bite.
Protruded/flared front teeth with no space usually require extractions of premolar teeth. It is safe procedure that helps in obtaining space. Aligners use this space to pull back front teeth’ reduce excessive protrusion and improve your smile

When the upper teeth are placed inside in comparison to their opposing lower
teeth, it results in a mismatch. This type of bite problem can be fixed using

Do you relate to any of these stated dental condition?

Thinking clear aligners. Think CDIC aligners

Who makes your aligners?

Only you and your dentist will know your teeth are aligning…

The aligner advantage

Just 3 steps to healthy and beautiful smiles

Step 1

Smile assessment; the doctor takes the scan or impressions of your teeth and sends it for 3d treatment plan

Step 2

Aligners fabrication; our team discuss the personalized plan with you. Once approved, your aligners are fabricated

Step 3

Treatment initiation; the doctor gives you recommended series of aligners, follow the plan and visit the doctor for periodic checkups.