Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth

Some individuals have multiple oral health issues that need to be addressed. In these type of cases, full mouth rehabilitation may be appropriate.

This is a comprehensive treatment that combines several restorative procedures to restore function and beauty to your smile in a streamlined process.

Here’s why cosmetic dental implant center wakad and Hinjewadi in pune india is the trusted choice for patients in need of a full mouth rehabilitation…


Why it lead to full mouth treatment need?

Usually the full mouth gets affected by simple ignorance of in timely treatment let’s see an example;

A tooth in one of patient’s jaw went missing, due to long term not getting treated or because of a sudden fracture.

Discomfort coming along that is ignored again since patient don’t have pain which is much bothering in day to day activity; after it’s completely depleted they ignore its replacement as they manage to chew somehow from other side of the jaw.

Over years you lose two more teeth on the opposite side of the jaw may be because of overuse or again same story of ignorance.

Now your day to day functions are somehow affected. To compensate you start chewing continuously from missing teeth in jaw. Now this does not provide patient needed chewing efficiency, so they shift forces of chewing on to front side of the jaw. With time because of their over usage, the front teeth start becoming flat, also they don’t help much in chewing the day to day food as they were not meant to be used for chewing since the beginning.

Now we still have to chew in day to day activities so you tend to grind harder and harder. Over years this develops into a habit of grinding teeth unconsciously known as “BRUXISM” further wearing the teeth shape and form.

To complicate things further the missing teeth replacement, which was ignored for long time, tend to shift the teeth unfavorably. Causing gaps in the teeth which are difficult to maintain leading to cavities. This disease process leads to sensitivity or pain in all gums & teeth. Also leads to TMJ pain, headaches as an effect of loss of eating capacity, and taste a general health deterioration eventually making you ultimately seek dental help.

Ready to gain Your lost Smile back?


Atcdic waked and cdic smiles Hinjewadi we believe that full mouth rehabilitation is essentially a work of art, and we have adapted the role of artists working to our best ability to serve our patient’sdental needs. When you choose us for your full mouth rehabilitation, you also benefit from our: 

These along with our patient results set us apart from other dentistry providers in the wakad and hinjewadi area of pune.

To learn more about how you might benefit from full mouth rehabilitation at cdic, reach out to one of our helpful team member for a complementary free consultation. Contact us online anytime or call CDiC @ 9970504270

What treatments are done in Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The purpose of a full mouth rehabilitation plan is to optimize the health of the entire mouth, including the teeth, the gums, and the bite. In many cases, it is necessary to replace or restore every tooth in the mouth using a combination of many dental treatments. In other cases, you may require treatment on just a few teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a highly personalized treatment, so no two treatment plans are the same. Our team of cosmetic dentist and implantologist in pune designs personalized plans to meet your specific goals of rehabilitation. Full mouth rehabilitation can include a range of restorative treatments.

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Tooth decay are one of the most common oral health issues in all. Minor damages because of decay can be treated with dental fillings. Our dentists at cdic use tooth-colored or composite fillings that enhance your smile.

Those who have a gap in their jaw line or smiles due to missing teeth can opt for a bridge. Bridges are designed to replace one or more missing teeth in jaw, bridges are a structure made from joining missing teeth crowns to the adjacent teeth crowns.

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Inlays and Onlays
Bigger areas of tooth damages need an inlay or onlay instead of a simple filling. These custom restorations fit like jig saw puzzles into your prepared tooth and provide strength.
We at cdic smiles Hinjewadi and wakad, many times create very economical rehabilitations by a custom made full and partial dentures. These appliances can be supported by the bone ridge or by dental implants to restore the function and smile.
In most of the cases, severe damages to shape and form of a tooth need multiple dental crown. These caps fit over the natural tooth structure, adding esthetic, shape, form, stability and strength to broken or weak occlusal appearance.
Dental Implants
Dental implants are a small titanium post that acts as root thus helping us to replace missing tooth roots. Once they integrate firmly with the underlying bone, they can be loaded with teeth shaped crowns, bridges, or dentures as per the need of the caes. Dental implants are the only teeth replacement option which can prevent bone loss which is a consequence of tooth loss.
Bone Grafting
Bone loss around the missing teeth is a common side effect of tooth loss. When bone loss occurs, bone grafting can be performed to restore bone volume and quality. Bone grafting allows our patients to enjoy all benefits of the dental implants even if they have suffered from bone loss.
TMJ Treatment
When the temporomandibular joint is damaged or misaligned, it can lead to many of other dental and non-dental issues, including bruxism and teeth attrition and pain in and around ear in few cases. We create a customize tmj appliance to realign and relieve pain in your jaw, ease discomfort, and protect smile. This needs to be addressed before the full mouth rehabilitation planning
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Sinus Lift
The maxillary or upper teeth are usually placed just below the maxillary sinus. If these teeth went missing for some time, the sinus cavity collapses in due course of time and the bone in the upper jaw shrinks from within. A sinus lift procedure can restore bone in the upper jaw in for implants.
Full-Arch Restoration
Patients who have majority or all teeth missing in jaw can choose from different replacement options. In addition to traditional simple removable dentures, we also offer fixed restorations for optimal esthetics and long term oral health stability.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Right for Me?

Practically speaking anyone who wishes to address all of their dental issues at once getsbenefited from full mouth rehabilitation. Here are just a few of the dental issues that can be addressed by this treatment:

Worn out or Missing Teeth

Teeth can become small in size or can fall out by many reasons, most commonly because of decay and accidental trauma. Mostly patients needing full mouth rehabilitation have multiple missing or generalized attrided teeth.

Previous dental treatments not up to the mark or decayed or broken

Most of the full mouth rehabilitation patients at cdic are required to replace all existing dental treatments that have over time at different intervals. These may include old tooth fillings, discolored broken crowns, and excessively worn teeth fillings and enamel.

Other Dental Concerns

In addition to providing full mouth rehabilitation, COSMETIC DENTAL IOMPLANT CENTER WAKAD AND HINJEWADI can meet your family’s needs for superior general dentistry services. We do treat tooth decays, gums disease, jawbone loss, and TMD problems as part of your custom treatment plan.

How we work at cdic in full mouth rehabilitation planning

While the timeline will vary from patient to patient, here is what you can generally expect:

We at cdic the best dental clinic in Hinjewadi who have best dentist working in wakad and Hinjewadi area, have the training and technology needed to perform most complex treatments right here in our office under one roof so no visiting other centers.